Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems in Sacramento
A Fire Alarm system is designed to save lives and property from the accidental fires. A fire alarm system can automatically detect the presence of smoke and fire so that personnel in the building can be notified and evacuate and a monitored fire alarm can also alert the fire department so that emergency personnel can be dispatched. There multiple types of fire alarm systems in Sacramento that are available and we can explain the different types so that you can make an informed decision. We can also let you know what the fire alarm code requires so you can be in compliance with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Fire Alarm Installation in Sacramento
The installation of a Fire Alarm System in Sacramento is basically the same as in most parts of the country. There are specific codes and standards for every city that must be adhered to. We can help navigate through all of the specific codes that may affect the installation of your fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Service in Sacramento

It is required to keep your fire alarm system in top running order. Although fire alarm systems are designed to provide some automatic monitoring of its circuits, it is still required to perform regularly scheduled testing of your system. If your fire alarm system has a trouble generated it is imperative that you schedule service right away. It could be a simple problem or it could be that the entire notification circuit is non-operational.

Fire Alarm Inspections in Sacramento

These fire alarm inspections may consist of Annual, Semi-Annual or quarterly inspections depending on your specific type of installation. Your fire alarm company and technician must be certified to perform service and inspections on your system. The fire alarm testing requirements are determined by NFPA 72 and the local AHJ and they must be adhered to very strictly.

Fire Alarm Monitoring in Sacramento

In most cases your fire alarm system must be monitored 24 hours per day. This is accomplished by your fire alarm system being connected either by a standard phone line or by more recently a GSM Cellular communicator. If the fire alarm generates a trouble or an alarm the central station is notified immediately and they will dispatch the proper authorities.

Fire Alarm Equipemnt in Sacramento

A useful and reliable fire alarm system is installed for the protection of life and property. In order for the fire alarm system to accomplish this it must have the correct fire alarm equipment installed. The alarm system must do all of the following:

  1. Detect the presence of fire
  2. Notify the occupants
  3. Notify the Fire Department ( Usually by the Central Monitoring Station)
  4. Operate additional safety functions such as close smoke doors or shut air ducts.

It is very important to utilize the correct fire alarm equipment so that the property and occupants safety is at an optimum level.