Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation in Sacramento

There are two types of Fire Alarm installations. You are either doing an upgrade to your current building or you may be having a new building that will need a fire alarm system. An upgrade to your current system will require new submittals to the fire department for new equipment and whatever changes you may be making. Of course a new building also has requirements that must satisfy the local Fire Marshall. In either case it is always best to have an experienced fire alarm professional like Fire Protection Plus to assist you in all of your planning. Fire Protection plus is up to date on all of the local fire alarm codes and can help you to evaluate your current system and what system upgrades are available.


Upgrading Your Fire Alarm System

There are several reasons why you would want to update an existing fire alarm system:

  • Your current fire alarm system is costing you too much to maintain
  • You want to take advantage of newer technology
  • You have outgrown your current fire alarm panel
  • You are having too many false alarms

Some of the more important things to keep in mind when evaluating and older system and weighing the benefits of installing a newer upgrade system are;

  • Elimination or reduction of false alarms will reduce be penalized for the false alarm
  • Lost production time can be reduced or eliminated
  • Newer systems can have features such as built-in sensitivity testing, Sensitivity drift monitoring and enhanced reporting and logging of system maintenance and activity

Any of these enhanced features can save money on your maintenance budget. A fire Alarm is meant to detect and alert people of a fire situation and many of the older systems may have been installed before adequate alert systems were required. This means that even if a fire is detected the notification part of the system may not perform well enough to get alert all personnel.

Most Common Compatible Devices

If your current fire alarm system uses addressable technology then you must have a compatible fire alarm control panel. Older buildings do not have this type of system. If you’re current initiating devices are using a switch closure. Conventional fire alarm initiating devices operate by creating a direct short across the zone wiring so they will work with most any conventional fire alarm control panel.

Initiating Fire Alarm Devices

  • Pull Stations
  • Heat Detectors
  • 4 Wire Smoke Detectors

Compatible Fire Alarm Notification Devices

In most cases fire alarm notification devices do not require a compatibility listing unless they are an addressable type. They must match the voltage of the fire alarm control panel and there must be voltage calculations done for circuit to make sure that the panel is not overloaded.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider if you want to install or upgrade a fire alarm system. Fire Protection Plus can assist you in a free assessment of your current system so you can make an informed decision.