Fire Alarm Service

Fire Alarm Service in Sacramento

Your Fire Alarm system needs regular maintenance to stay in peak operating condition. Your fire alarm system must be ready at all times to detect and alert people to a fire. The lives of the people in your building depend on the fire alarm working. Keeping your fire alarm system maintained provides all of the following:

  • Helps you stay up to code-Normally testing and inspections are required by the local authorities and you could be fined if it is not inspected according to local code.
  • Fire Alarm panels like any other electronic equipment needs to be tested to ensure that it working as designed. Most of the time your fire alarm sits in the background and nobody wants to see it work so it is always assumed that it will function when needed. Your fire alarm is designed to detect troubles in the circuits and will annunciate a trouble when it sees these types of problems but this is not a replacement for regularly scheduled testing.
  • Routine inspections are not only required by the AHJ but also by your insurance company. Your insurance company could refuse to pay damages if you do not have a documented inspection schedule.
  • Safety is by far the best reason to have your system checked on a regular basis. The frequency of the inspection depends on your local codes and the authority having jurisdiction. They are usually performed semi-annual or annually.


Fire Protection Plus can keep your fire alarm system up to date according to the inspection requirements and provide you with complete documentation of all inspections. You will receive immediate notification of any discrepancies that need repair to keep lives and property safe. Fire Protection Plus is also available for repairs to your Fire Alarm System.